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Modernization in Dentistry

Gone are the days when we used to dread visiting for dental check-ups. Great advancements made in the field of dentistry and technology has reduced the discomfort that was usually associated with dentistry in the past. People are now more aware than ever and the ‘want’ dentistry is surpassing the demand of ‘need’ dentistry. People are now more willing to visit a dentist on a regular basis for improved oral hygiene, thanks to advancement in dentistry. Let’s take a look at how dentistry has evolved from traditional to digital.

 2D to 3D imaging is one of the greatest advancements that has been made in the imaging technique. With more dentists opting for 3D imaging technique over the traditional 2D techniques, new treatment options are in hand.

Earlier, the easy remedy for any kind of a toothache used to be over-the-counter medicine or quick home remedies like applying ice or clove oil. The scenario has changed since then. Modern treatment technique like cold laser therapy is now performed by dentists to offer physical comfort to the patient before beginning actual treatment.

Technology has blessed us with a modern and specialized camera that helps dentists to see the oral cavity clearly especially the parts that are difficult to reach otherwise. Patients now do not need to wait for weeks to get their dental crown done. CAD/CAM technology enables modern day dentists to create dental crowns within a few hours. All these modern innovations help in early intervention and treatment compared to patients suffering from pain for days and months before the root cause getting detected.

Before, extraction of healthy teeth was the only option for teenagers and young adults who had overcrowding issue. Not the case anymore. Now teenagers have the option to use retainer devices that can help their palates expand gradually.

Earlier, tooth extraction or implant procedure with follow with a series of instructions on what kind of food to eat, how to rinse mouth, and how to swallow carefully. But, with the invention of diode laser technology, not only the dentist can work precisely without disturbing the rest of the oral cavity, but it also helps speed up the healing process. The discomfort of the patient is manageable too.

Earlier, tooth decay or cavity used to go unnoticed until the patient complained of pain or the decay showed up in a 2D X-ray. By the time the decay was diagnosed, the damage was to quite some extent leaving with only one option – extraction. However, with modern technology dentists can now detect tooth decay at an early stage and early medical intervention has become possible.

Dio Implant India has been offering modern dental solutions to dental surgeons and patients alike. Many skilled dentistry practitioners have already vouched for its dental implants and digital dental solutions. One of its main solutions – DIOnavi is a breakthrough in dental surgery which uses 3D computer. It reduces the risk of damaging the internal nerves by checking the bone tissue and nerve position of the patient. If you are into dentistry then you might agree with how important it is to stay up-to-date with all the latest dentistry technologies. One way, to stay relevant with the industry standard is attending workshops from a digital dental academy. If you are looking for workshops and seminars on dental digital diagnostics and digital implantology from the best digital dental academy then Dio Implant India is definitely your one-stop destination. Their digital dental academy in Gurgaon organizes seminars and workshops for dentistry practitioners across different cities.

Difference between traditional and digital dental implants

We all want our permanent teeth to be ‘permanent’. However, we still lose teeth mostly due to improper oral hygiene, old age or accidents. Whatever may be the cause, loss of teeth causes many discomforts including not able to chew food properly and change in physical appearance. Teeth loss can also impact how you talk and how you look. A dental implant is the best solution to tooth loss. Not only it restores the lost teeth but it also boosts your self-confidence and morale.

With the advent of modern technology and huge technological progress in dentistry more patients and digital prosthetic dentistry practitioners are opting for digital dental implants. If you are considering a dental implant, then read through this article to understand the difference between traditional and digital dental implants and make an informed decision what is best for you.

Traditional or digital dental implants – what is best for me?

For digital dental implants, your dentist will use a special scanner to take pictures of your oral cavity, gum, and jaw which are then used in the lab to make the implants. Digital impressions are less invasive which means it gives you a comfortable experience compared to traditional implants.

Digital dental implants are accurate and efficient compared to the traditional ones. The procedure of getting digital implants is faster so you do not have to pay multiple visits to your dentist, unlike the traditional ones. Your dentist can send the images to the lab instantly thus streamlining the process.

Traditional dental implants are made through cast which has a possibility of human error. While digital implants are almost always perfect. This is because in this procedure digital dental images are used which could not be altered. Hence you get a perfect fit naturally looking dental implant.

The recovery time for digital dental implants is faster because no incision or sutures are required as compared to its traditional counterpart.

Caring for dental implants

Whether you go the traditional way or opt for digital dental implants, you need to take proper care of your implant for its sustainability and longevity. Brush your implants twice daily and floss regularly.

Digital prosthetic dentistry in India

There has been tremendous growth in digital prosthetic dentistry in India over the years. New technologies and modern dental solutions are offering a variety of treatment options to both patients and dental surgeons alike. Dio Implant India is a well – known name in offering modern dental solutions. If you are looking for digital prosthetic dentistry in Gurgaon then you might want to check out different digital dental solutions offered by Dio Implant India. The company is reputed for producing quality digital prosthetic dentistry in Gurgaon. One of their pioneer solutions is Dio Navi which is being used and strongly recommended by the leading dental surgeons of the country. If you have not checked yet, look up for Dio Implant India today. Talk to your surgeon to understand which dental implant works best for you.

Everything you must know about Guided Dental Implant

  • What is image-guided digital dental implant?
  • Guided dental implantology is a type of computer guided surgery performed using 3D radiographic and surface scan information to achieve predictable, safe and minimally invasive placement of dental implants.
  • Computerized tomography provides information about the position of the nerve canals, anatomical structures to safeguard these during implant placement procedure.
  • How is image-guided digital dental implant performed?
  • A 3D simulated procedure is carried out to plan the surgical procedure by the Dentist.
  • The implant position too is planned digitally for utmost accuracy.
  • What are the advantages of guided dental implant?

The advantages of guided dental implantare many-

  • Guided Dental Implant decreases the pain and discomfort to the patients immediately after the surgery.
  • Guided Dental implant is the most safe and predictable as it helps you to avoid any damage to important structures during the surgery
  • The patient can resume his/her daily routine as its minimally invasive surgical procedure.
  • Digital treatment planning also helps to identify any bone deficiencies or complications that can hamper the implant placement & help the doctor to be prepared during the surgery.
  • What affects the cost of guided dental implant?

Although majority of people perceive that the guided dental implant surgeries are costly, latest technologies in dentistry have made such advance dental treatments more affordable to all.The cost depends on several factors such as number of missing teeth etc

For example, if a patient needs one implant, the cost is much less than what is required for several implants. Moreover, cost will increase in case of patients who need bone grafting or jaw reconstruction to place the implant because their jaw bone may be deficient.

India has seen a tremendous progress in the field of dentistryand is equipped withworld class facilities catering to the most complex of dental cases. Dio Implant India is the leading digital dental implant solution provider in India for all kinds of dental implant rehabilitation scenarios. It has a record of dealing with the most complex of cases in implant dentistry and has ateam of skilled and experienced technologists, dental specialists and prosthodontists with the technical knowhow to plan and provide solutions for digital dental implant surgery & prosthetics for safer & predictable treatment outcome. DIO Implant India ( should be your preferred choice for digital dental implant solutions in India.

Navigated Dental Implant Surgery: A breakthrough in dentistry

Dental problems can affectanybody irrespective of theage group. It is something that affects children, adults as well as elderly patients and is known to be equally painful for all. However, dentistry hasundergone huge transformation in the last few years and the new age navigated dental implant surgery is a breakthrough in the field of dentistry. It is truly a path breaking achievement in dental surgery and has opened wider avenues for further research in the near future. Dental surgery no longer means a wide general incision with stitches causing swelling, pain, infections and complications to the patients. This newest technology of navigated surgery makes use of 3D computer simulation to determine the plan of surgery and performs the operation with key hole punch incision and very less pain. This is the latest advancement that has made dental surgeries patient friendly and eliminates the fear of undergoing dental treatment.

  • What is navigated dental implant surgery?
  • Navigated dental surgery is a modern technique of performing a surgery assisted by 3 dimensional computer modelling and real-time computer guidance.
  • In digital navigated dental implant

The surgical procedure is carried out with help of digital data of patient received from Dental CT & digital impression.

  • The operation procedure is carried outwith help of3dimensional diagnosticsand is less painful & discomfort than traditional implant surgery because here the patient bone tissues and nerves can be seen clearly before planning the surgery.
  • The 3D computer is used to perform a mock or simulation surgery at first and then the digital navigation implant surgery is performed with absolutely minimal incision.
  • The 3D simulation helps to create a proper treatment plan and have a surgical guide ready before the actual surgery is performed. This makes it precisely accurate than ever before.
  • Minimal incision means that a very small hole is created for the implant instead of cutting up and stitching the entire area which makes it more comfortable for the patient.
  • Why should you consider going for navigated dental implant?
  • Navigated dental surgery is the safest procedure for dental treatments than all other traditional methods.
  • The operation procedure is carried out as per the 3D computer simulation, and is less dangerous than traditional implant surgery because here the patient’s bone, vital anatomical structures and nerve canal can be seen clearly before the surgery is done and a fail-safe plan can be made and executed via a customised 3D-printed surgical guide.
  • The minimalincision also ensures very less swelling and bleeding which saves you from the tremendous pain that is generally associated with invasive dental surgeries.
  • The chances of infections are less because of keyhole punch incision.
  • It is also advised for people who are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure because in such cases deeper incision takes a long time to heal and there are chances of getting infected too. Minimal incision lessens the recovery phase for such patients. It is also helpful for elderly patients who have lost a lot of teeth.

Navigated dental implant in India

Dental patients can consider approaching Dio Implant India which provides the best navigated dental implant surgery solution – DIONAVI, in the country. It has got numerous digital solutions and implant products and is the unparalleled leader in digital dentistry. A team of skilled dental surgeons use the latest digital technologies to treat your dental problems while causing you as leastdiscomfortas possible. Dio Implant India is definitely your one stop destination for Digital Dental Implant solutions.